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Funtime Wolfie's Revamped Design :iconkaraokewolfiefnaf:KaraokeWolfieFNAF 1 6 Mother effing OTP :iconkaraokewolfiefnaf:KaraokeWolfieFNAF 0 2 Unnamed pervy FNAF AU Thing: Females 1 :iconkaraokewolfiefnaf:KaraokeWolfieFNAF 1 1
FNAF: The Misfortune Saga. Chapter Two
Five Nights at Freddy's : The Misfortune Saga
Chapter 2 : This Light in their eyes.
Golden Freddy's P.O.V.
Morning begins to show up today, and I couldn't have been happier to wake up besides someone today, as I finally stopped sleeping alone yesterday. The Bright sunrays are going down my sleeping body, no, OUR sleepings bodies. Penetrating the room's window, it began to illuminate my face, keeping me from sleeping more. Moving a little, I Open my eyes, and I see the bright sunshine blinding my vision, but it was not the brightest sight I could have seen today: when I woke up, I saw the aformentioned person whom I was sleeping next to. His fur was like a shining silver armour that protected us from having bad dreams and nightmares. The green shirt shined even brighter than any of the smiles he gave to me to make me feel happy and loved. Seeing the sun shining on him, gives me hope for the future. OUR future, that is. There is just one thing: I have been single for so
:iconkaraokewolfiefnaf:KaraokeWolfieFNAF 0 3
Trying a new style for the FNAF 1 males + Springy :iconkaraokewolfiefnaf:KaraokeWolfieFNAF 1 3 The Misfortune Saga Teaser (Freddy...) :iconkaraokewolfiefnaf:KaraokeWolfieFNAF 1 3 The Misfortune Saga Teaser (Wolfie?) :iconkaraokewolfiefnaf:KaraokeWolfieFNAF 1 3 FNAF: The Pandering Pentagram :iconkaraokewolfiefnaf:KaraokeWolfieFNAF 1 4 FNAF: The Misfortune Saga Teaser (Plushtrap) :iconkaraokewolfiefnaf:KaraokeWolfieFNAF 2 2 A tribute to Rare (1985-2008) :iconkaraokewolfiefnaf:KaraokeWolfieFNAF 6 9 The Squid Sisters :iconkaraokewolfiefnaf:KaraokeWolfieFNAF 2 3 Sayaka Miki (Re done) :iconkaraokewolfiefnaf:KaraokeWolfieFNAF 1 3 Kyouko Sakura :iconkaraokewolfiefnaf:KaraokeWolfieFNAF 1 3 Madoka Kaname :iconkaraokewolfiefnaf:KaraokeWolfieFNAF 3 3 Mami Tomoe :iconkaraokewolfiefnaf:KaraokeWolfieFNAF 1 3 The Misfortune saga:Wolfie and Golden Freddy scene :iconkaraokewolfiefnaf:KaraokeWolfieFNAF 1 8




Funtime Wolfie's Revamped Design
I though my previos Design of Funtime Wolfie didn't look realistic enough, since I drew Wolfie as an animatronic in my ref, so i decided to draw him like as if he was in Sister Location, more realistic. With Shorter hair, no Headphones and actually putting the lines of the face plates, as well as looking overall Robotic. 

In my headcanon, he would appear in Night 4, in the Funtime Auditorium after the Night Guard Escaped the Spring Suit. The guard is supposed to go through the Funtime Auditorium, and fleeing from Funtime Wolfie without him seeing the Night guard, as his facial reckgnition software is very effed up. He will attack ANYTHING and ANYONE that crosses his paths.

In the Custom Night, he's supposed to sing you a song to cover the noise of the other Animatronics

So yeah, Funtime Wolfie 2.0.
Mother effing OTP
Been a while since i drew these two, so yeah. I had a huge urge to draw them again, for some reason. I shall call this ship...MUSICSHIPPING!  Because making fun of Pokemon Ship names is hilarious, and that actually sounds good, because their names are both derived from Musical Instruments.
Unnamed pervy FNAF AU Thing: Females 1
Okaaay,so...I definetely decided to make this AU a thing, but the thing is, I dunno how to use it x)
But yeah, here is the first female characters confirmed for this AU: Chica,Toy Bonnie, Mangle and Baby (+ Bonnie because he wasn't included in the Male one, because i did not have enough space)
Some info on the characters, tho:

That are SURE to appear:
Toy Freddy (Not yet drawn)
Toy Chica ( Not drawn yet)
Toy Bonnie
Ennard (not drawn yet)

That will MAYBE Appear:
Golden Freddy
Shadow Freddy
Shadow Bonnie
The Puppet (Female)

That Will NOT Appear:
Balloon Boy
Balloon Girl
Toy Wolfie
Funtime Freddy
Funtime Foxy
Funtime Wolfie

Five Nights at Freddy's : The Misfortune Saga

Chapter 2 : This Light in their eyes.
Golden Freddy's P.O.V.

Morning begins to show up today, and I couldn't have been happier to wake up besides someone today, as I finally stopped sleeping alone yesterday. The Bright sunrays are going down my sleeping body, no, OUR sleepings bodies. Penetrating the room's window, it began to illuminate my face, keeping me from sleeping more. Moving a little, I Open my eyes, and I see the bright sunshine blinding my vision, but it was not the brightest sight I could have seen today: when I woke up, I saw the aformentioned person whom I was sleeping next to. His fur was like a shining silver armour that protected us from having bad dreams and nightmares. The green shirt shined even brighter than any of the smiles he gave to me to make me feel happy and loved. Seeing the sun shining on him, gives me hope for the future. OUR future, that is. There is just one thing: I have been single for so long, and I have never been in a relationship before, so....I had no idea on how to act in front of Wolfie...I didn't had any clue of what to do when you are with someone, and neither did he...I hope he could at least know more than me on what to do when you have a boyfriend....For starters, I had no idea on how to wake him up...Should I just let him sleep, affectionate moves to wake him up gently, or straightforward wake him up. Would he be irritated if I try to wake him up, somewhat? As soon as I start thinking that, I see him opening his eyes a little, looking like a little, nowborn puppy who is just starting to open his eyes for the first time.

“Mmmmh...gnnnnh...Is it...already morning?” Wolfie said, while yawing and stretching like a cat who woke up after a couple hours of sleep.

I turn towards him, laying down as well, unsure of what do to, I suddenly kiss him passionately to wake him up gently.

“Mmmpf?! E-Ehm...G-Golden Freddy...? E-Ehm....T-That was nice of you, b-but...I-I can wake up by myself, don't worry...Hehe...” He said that, as he blushed and started to get up from the floor.

“O-Oh...S-Sorry, I-It's just that I wanted to wake you up gently, so you wouldn't feel tired, Heheh...But it seems as if it did not went the way I wanted it to go...”

I replied, embrassed and blushing from slight shame, trying to cover it with a small chuckle.

“Aw, this is actually pretty sweet, hehehe! Well...Next time, you know how to wake me up, tee hee!”
Giggling gently, the wolf got up and tied his hair back. It's time I get up as well, and am startled by the sudden kiss Wolfie just gave me after I got up.

“O-Oh...E-Ehm.....W-Why this...Ehm...Sudden Kiss..?”
All confused but also amazed by this kiss, I mumble words that Wolfie seem to understand very well.

“ get points for trying, that's why I gave you this kiss! To...Encourage you to get even better.”
Giggling a bit, the Wolf told something I could not quite get.

“Get better....?Better at what?”
I told, scratching my head

“At relationships, Silly! When we got together yesterday, I clearly saw you were kind of...lost in what to do, and so was I...”

“Yes....It is actually the first time we have ever been in a relationship both, together, at that....I had no idea how a boyfriend should act around his...”
Suddenly hugging me tightly, I felt his warmth around me, making me feel somewhat uncomfortable, but still feeling the same thing ever since I have Wolfie besides me. Just one thing bothers me: the fact that I don't really know how to act in front of him...

“Well, It doesn't matter now....We still have penty of time to learn everything until the next warning, don't we?”
Grabbing my hands, with a big smile on his face, he looked at me with such tenderness and love in his eyes, and said the following:
“I'll make sure to be a good boyfriend to you, Golden Freddy!”
Seeing the light in his eyes reassured me quite a bit about the fact of not being in a relationship until I got together with Wolfie. I'm sure that someday, me and Him will become an even better couple than Freddy and Foxy, hehe...It gives me an idea...

I mumbled very lightly to him

“Mmmh? What is it, Golden Freddy?”

“If we are looking forward to become better boyfriends...Why not seek advice from people who are expert in this precise thing?”
I responded to him in a kind of shy way.

“Huh? Mmmmh....Who do you think of precisely...?”
He responded, having a slight idea of who they might be.

“Well, uh....Why not ask Freddy and Foxy on how to act when being in a relationship?”
I replied, not being sure of which reaction to expect from him considering I know...he's got a huge crush on Freddy...I tried to push this fact aside when I got together with him after I confessed...But sometimes, you just can't seem to get away from some facts...I will try to live with it, even though it may seem kind of hard to take when you learn the one you love has a crush on one of your best friends, but...with enough Love, i'm sure I can get over the fact, and it won't keep us from living together happily....

“T-Them...? W-Well...I-I suppose they are...adequate...ehm...T-Teachers....Good Idea, Golden Freddy...”
Wolfie seemed kind of nervous, reticent even....It is as if something was bothering him and tried to hide it, but...I knew it all too well....That is why I am going to not tell anything, and help him when he would really need it. After all, even if I don't have a clue on how to be one, I am still his boyfriend, and I know when something is wrong and when to do something about it.

“It is kind of early, though...Are you sure you want to wake them up...?”
Wolfie mumbled quite shyly, but I clearly understood what he said.

“We should probably wait....”
I said to myself, starting to think about what would happen if I tell Freddy and Foxy we're in a relationship. After all, I did told Wolfie to wait until he becomes a Hopeful Warrior to tell everyone....But it seems like the situation is kind of in the need of them knowing it, or else we are going to be pretty lame at being In a relationship...

“Well, it's not the first time they have to wake up early, they do that every weekdays, even!”
Wolfie giggled lightly as he said that, not knowing what I really meant when I said that we should wait.

“No, Not that, but....I think we should wait to tell them, you know? I did said to you to wait until you become a Hopeful Warrior to say it.”

“Why not tell them now? What would it change to say it just a day early? And we REALLY need some help as of right now, don't you see? We both suck at being boyfriends!”

Wolfie replied with a slight tone of panic In his voice. He's not wrong, after all, I don't know what could change if we tell them only a day early, we would have told them anyways, so....

“Mmmh...You are right...Let's go wake these two up.”

I said with little to no hesitation, and headed towards the exit, grabbing Wolfie's hand and taking him with me. A little bit surprised, he said:

“O-Oh, E-Ehm...Y-Yeah, L-Let's go, hehe....”
Blushing a bit and holding my hand tighter as we walk by, Wolfie felt also kind of uncomfortable with the idea of seeing Freddy for the first time to not try wooing him, but only just asking for advice for him. I knew that because I saw his face, scrunching up a little bit when we were heading towards the Stage, where Freddy was sleeping.
Reaching the Stage, we saw the brown bear sleeping tightly, and deeply. We had no idea of who should wake him up. We stood here for 5 minutes, watching the bear sleeping, whilst still deciding who would wake him. Finally, Wolfie stepped in front of him, while being very nervous about on how to approach him and wake him up..

“E-Ehm....F-Freddy....? We...ehm....We need you for something...Would you please wake up...?”
Mumbling very quietly to not wake him up abuptely. He tried shaking him up a little bit, but to no avail. I stepped in as well, and talked a little louder to my counterpart:

“Uh, hey, Freddy....We need you for something, can you wake up, please? It's very urgent!”
Sadly, he just isn't waking up and is sleeping even deeper than before, now.

“You guys surely don't know how to wake up a sleeping bear, do you?”
Suddenly, a voice came in and pierced right through the stage. It was Foxy, Freddy's boyfriend who apparently knew how to wake Freddy up.
“O-Oh; Foxy...Y-You're already awake...?”
Seemingly a little irked by his presence, Wolfie was surprised that the fox was awake at this hour.

“Whatcha need Freddy-Poo for anyways? Can't ye just let my poor baby sleep? Or at least wait until I wake him up?”
The pirate fox said in a cheerful voice, he seemed like he has something in his mind.

“Ehm....Well, You see, Wolfie and I got together yesterday, but the thing is, we really suck at relationships, so we figured that we could use some help from you two, since you guys are together since 1987, you two are so much more knowledgable than us...”
I said, quite shyly to the Pirate Fox. The second after I said that, he jumped at us and hugged us to no end whilst saying:
“OH MY GOD, ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Aaaaaaaaw, this is sooooo adorable, congrats to you both, I'm so happy for you, jeez! YOU TWO ARE GONNA BE HAPPY FOREVER WITH US, I CAN PROMISE YOU, GUYS!”
Tightening his embrace a little more, we felt like we're suffocating from the kind Fox's tight hug, as we have trouble replying: “ T-This is...S-So nice of you, T-Thank you, F-Foxy...B-But...C-Can you let us go, P-Please...? W-We can't breathe....”
Said Wolfie while gasping for air.

Giggling and letting us loose, the red Fox replied in a joyful tone:

“Hehehe, sorry, mateys! It's just that I feel so happy whenever someone finds love, especially you two, my bestest of friends!”

Taking Wolfie's head under his shoulder and doing a noogie, Foxy was laughing to no end and seemed ever so joyful at our happiness.

“O-Oww....P-Please Foxy, S-Stop that!”
Being hurt a littleby the display of affection, Wolfie began to get a little irked at Foxy's behaviour, as he considers the latter to be his biggest rival, at least, until now, that is. He always never could stand his behaviour for so long.

“Okay okay, lad! So, You wanna wake up big bear, huh? Lemme do it, you guys don't know how to wake Freddy! Besides, I was looking forward to this ever since yesterday! This doof woke me up too early, and now, it's my turn, hehehe....”
Rubbing his hands against themselves, arborating a malicious smile on his face, the fox prepared to “attack” the sleeping bear, and to wake him up, something that we tried, but to no avail. Jumping with full force on Freddy, he made him fall on the the floor, scaring him to no end and shouting the following in his ear:

Screaming his lungs out, Freddy fell down and was very astonished and irritated by his boyfriend's action.
“F-Foxy?! W-What the heck are you doing?! I was sleeping, you know?!”

“There's no time to sleep, Freddy-Poo! We got an emergency here! It's the biggest we had yet, even!”
The Fox replied, pointing to us both and ruffling his Boyfriends's hair.

“Now what could possibly be so urgent for you to wake me up in such a brutal way?!
Freddy asked, still startled by Foxy's scream in his ears.

“We...ehm...We actually need you two's advice...Because...”
When Wolfie started to answer to the bear, Foxy cut him right off to announce the good news to his boyfriend:
“Because these two became a thing yesterday and absolutely suck at being boyfriends!”
Very very astonished by what his boyfriend told him Freddy took a moment before finally replying, looking quite happy, with a inch of confusion on his face:

“T-That....That's wonderful! don't know what to say, That is quite unexpected, hehe....I never thought you two had feelings for eachother...But then again, you seemed to spend a lot of time alone, just the both of you...I should have figured that out, hehehe.”

Giggling and smiling widely, Foxy was apprently very happy with his boyfriend's reaction to Wolfie and I being in a relationship. Being all jumpy and joyous about all of that, Foxy seemed very excited to give us advice and was eagerly awaiting his boyfriend's answer.

“So, whaddya think, Freddy? Wanna give 'em advice? I, for one, sure do! I want 'em to be as happy as us! I finally have pupils to teach, that's so exciting!”

“Mmmmmh....Alright, then! I'll help you both at being good boyfriends to eachother, and live very happy together. You two are in good hands, with us! Right, honey?”

Kissing Foxy's cheek, Freddy accepted our request and had  big smile on his face.

“Hell yeah, Freddy-Poo! Let's help these two being champs at love! So, should we take one of them with us alone to explain them, or...?”
Kissing his boyfriend back, Foxy looked very eager to teach us how to be boyfriends. To be truly honest, I was as eager as him, I will  get to learn how to be the best boyfriend for Wolfie.
I have so many questions, though...How to act? What to do? What is the key to the best of relationships? I am sure Freddy and Foxy got the answer to these questions. To be fair, I know they don't have ALL the anwsers, but i'm convinced they have the answer to the most important  questions. There is one thing that bothers me, though...If Freddy takes Wolfie alone to talk to him about that, i'm scared that Wolfie might have his feelings for Freddy take over his determination to be a good boyfriend, and that he might do something....bad. But, I have to trust him. I guess this is what boyfriends do?

“Uuuuuh...You mean you're going to take one of us separately?”
Asked the Wolf, a little anxious about this idea, because he knew that deep down, he will have trouble hanging out with either alone. He would be extremely irked and nervous while being with Foxy alone, and very flustered and timid when hanging out with Freddy, because of the huge crush for the bear. All I have to do is hope that it goes well with either of them....

“Yuppity Yup, you got it, lad! Sooooo...Who's gonna go with who?”

As Foxy asked the question that I feared, he turned towards Freddy and awaited his response.
“Mmmmmh....Well, since Wolfie and I share a very special bond, then it's only natural for me to explain this sort of things to him, since we always have been there for eachother when we had problems, and we always had that brotherly-like bond. I could explain him easier that way.You Foxy, you take Golden Freddy with you, alright?”
As Freddy approached Wolfie,the latter felt kind of nervous when he was close to him. I saw his nervosity getting stronger and stronger as seconds went by, shaking and trembling with all his body. I see his crush is as strong as before...Trying to ignore this, I went closer to Foxy and got ready to “learn” how to be a good boyfriend with Foxy.
“Aye aye, Captain Freddy! Let's go, Golden Matey, it's time to educate you about stuff that you suck at!”
Taking my arm and bringing me to another room, Foxy looked very enthousiastic with the idea of educating me on how to be a good boyfriend. As I went with him, I saw Wolfie waving me goodbye shyly. I hope everything will be okay with him and Freddy...

Wolfie's P.OV.

Foxy and Golden Freddy left for the Pirate Cove, to talk in private about relationships. As for me, I am left alone...with Freddy...the one that I always have loved during my life....And...He's the one who is supposed to educated me on relationships....Because I got together with Golden Freddy, and he decided that he was the one to give me advice. I'm very, VERY scared...about what might happen during this private conversation....Because, even if I love Golden Freddy with my whole heart, I still..feel like I could never get over Freddy, and the fact that he will never love me the same as I do for him...because he's got someone for him have to try living happy with Golden Freddy, and being the best boyfriend for him, and that's why Freddy's here, but...I feel like this is going to take a while before my feelings for said bear disappear....
Looking at the ground, playing with my paws, everything feel very awkward, at least on my side....Freddy, however didn't seemed as nervous as me, but he felt kind of anxious about this. I just wonder why...Right after I thought about this, Freddy grabbed my arm, and made me sat on the border of the stage:

“Here, you'll be more confortable while talking about this, hehe.”
Flashing a slight smile, the bear sat right beside me, and gently grabbed my paw and caressed it, as if he wanted me to feel serene and calm to talk about this. Maybe he knew of my feelings for him? And thus he did not want me to be scared and make me feel secure as well? I don't know...
Releasing a deep sigh,  Freddy looked at me in the most gentle and compassionate way a best friend could do.
“Wolfie, you know how much of a little brother I consider you to be to me, but...I always have been hopeful and worried about your future. The more our friends disappeared, the more I was worried about you, you know? You had nobody can I say it....To turn up to. I mean, of course, you had us, your friends to support you, and supporting eachother because it greatly affected us as well, but out of all of us, you seemed to be the most lonely whenever one of our friends disappeared.That's why you needed “more”, in terms of support, per say.  You never did beneficiate of such support, until now...That is what's so much wonderful about relationships, because this kind of support and love is so unique, more than your simple friends could ever bring to you. The first thing I have to say, is to keep Golden Freddy around you as much as you  can, because I, for one, can't live without Foxy at my side. He's the one keeping me calm, gentle and compassionate, as you see right now. We both complete eachother, and you, with Golden Freddy might be able to do the same if you follow our advices both.”
Looking down and trembling horribly with nervousity, I just cannot help but to feel very awkward with Freddy at my side...I'm even starting to have sweat dripping on my forehead...Trying to not feel jealous about the thing the Freddy and Foxy have that the former just explained...And I hope that I would have it with Golden Freddy, and that it will help me get over my feeling I have for Freddy for good, because...If they don't, it will cause problems in my love life and overall group...And I hate conflicts between our group...Trying to reply, I mumble a few things:
“E-Ehm....T-Thanks for helping us both, F-Freddy...Y-You're so nice...I'm so glad to have you as my best friend....”

Chuckling a little whilst smiling, Freddy turned to me and looked me in the eyes and said:
“It's no problems! After all, we have been friends ever since the day the Pizzeria opened, so the least I can do is to help whenever I can, right? Now tell me, what do you need help for? What exactly do you want to know about relationships?”

“Ehm....Well, Basically everything, but...ehm..the thing that I want to know the most is how to act in front of the other...what to do and...basically how a boyfriend should act, so....L-Let's begin with that, I guess...?”
Replying very shyly and nervously, I was kind of hesitating on my response, because...To be truly honest, I feel like the fact that I love Freddy so much is blocking me with everything I want to do with Golden Freddy, and I wanted to confess, so Freddy can help me with that, but...i'm too shy to actually tell him...And that it might screw everything up on our little group...I mean, we are so few left and if everyone is divided because of one thing, that would mean that pretty much all of my friends won't speak to me after what I have done and I would be all alone...But at least, If that happens, I could maybe count on Golden Freddy to support me, since he's my boyfriend...I love him so much and I don't want to lose him, ever....

“Aaah, so you want to know the basics, huh. Mmmmh...Acting...So...There are many ways to behave when you are in front of your boyfriend. For a beginner like you, you should start acting affectionate and careful for his safety. I mean...uh...Stay attached to him, show him that you love him, with little attentions, sweet words and support on basically everything he does. The best way to keep his man around is to show that you want him to be around. As you see, Foxy is like that all the time with me. And look, me and him are still together, even after so many years. Of course, there has been some fights between us, but nothing too strong to tear us apart. But I digress. When you act like that, it show to him that he is your most precious and valuable being you have ever met.
And that is the key of how to act and how to be in front of your dear Golden Boyfriend, hehe. Do you...Have any questions?”
Freddy replied with the most gentle and calm tone I have ever heard from him. I think I heard a tone of melacholy in his voice, though. It sounded like he's letting someone very precious go. My most safe bet is that maybe he's emotional about me, his best friend, whom he had a brotherly like relationship finally having found love with another one, and the he may be proud of me in some way, and vey happy. But I kind of feel like he's sad in some part of him. I can't read his heart, nor his mind, but I know for sure that something is going on with all of this.
Very shyly, I ask him:
“Um...Are you okay Freddy...?”

“O-oh, Well...It's just that seeing my “Little brother” growing up to be a man, having someone to love, knowing this feeling after ever so long our friends disappeared. I-It feels kind of weird seeing you like that now, but....I am proud of you, Wolfie. I really am....Good Luck with being ever so happy with your boyfriend. If there is anything else you want to know, I will alays be here for you, no matter what. I only told you the basics like you asked, but feel free to ask me about anything else. But I'm sure Foxy told Golden Freddy the other half of being in a relationship, I only told you about the emotional part of it.”

After replying to me with a little tear up his eye, Freddy gave me a big, tight hug to show me how happy he is for me. Even though I did heard a slight tone of sadness in his voice this time. Hugging him back very tightly, I even did as so if like I didn't want to let go of my feelings for him...Everything we did together, everything I did for him, and tat he did for me...They were made even better because of said feelings, and I felt so...warm and fuzzy...but it was a wonderful feeling to have, even if it did make me nervous, or anxious, or scared...It was the most wonderful feeling I have had all my life...It's saddening me to say that,'s even better than the feeling I have when I have Golden Freddy at my side...I don't want to lose him, though...But I don't want to lose the feelings I have for Freddy either, they are more precious for me than life itself....I...I really don't want to let go of either...I will feel so bad if I let go of either, so...I just want to try and get over my feelings for Freddy, even though it will hurt...But it is for our little group of friend's sake...I don't want to lose them either...Friendship for me, is as important, if not, even more than love....Because Friends are tied to eachother for ever...I know that...Even if we lost so many...My most precious ones were still here...Foxy, Mangle, Golden Freddy; and Freddy...If all of us managed to survive until now, then it means NOTHING will tear us apart....But I have to make sure to keep them as well...When you want to keep something around, you do something about it, like Freddy told me...Not only for Golden Freddy, but also each and everyone of us here...It will hurt, but I will get over it, somehow...

“F-Freddy... I-I...T-Thank you....F-For everything...”
Tightening my embrace harder as second passes, I start crying a little. As he hears my sobbing, Freddy gently rubs my back and replies:

“There there...everything will be alright...And I can assure you that you will be truly happy...I am here now...And everyone else...So stop worrying about it and smile like I always taught you to in the darkest moments, ok? Besides, it's nothing too impossible to do, right? I'm sure you will be able to do it, because I believe in you Wolfie, I always did. And Golden Freddy thinks the same, I am sure of it...Speaking of which, I think they might be done, now. Do you want to go see?”

Tightening a little more, I reply:

“I...I don't wanna let go, but...Yeah...L-Let's go see them...”

Getting up from the stage, Freddy and I stopped hugging, but the bear grabbed my paw and led me to the Pirate Cove. I was ever so red from blushing when he did that...

Joining the Pirate Cove, I saw Golden Freddy, Foxy and Mangle, surprisingly who was blushing as much as I did, but I don't know why...I decided to greet the white vixen with a friendly smile and approached her whilst saying:

“Oh, Hello Mangle! Did you sleep well? What are you doing in Pirate Cove with Golden Freddy and Foxy?”

Blushing ever so much, without anyone of us knowing why, she replied very shyly:

“O-Oh...H-Hey Guys! W-What's up...? W-Well, I was just..curious about what was going on here, and....saw the two of them here and....well, things happened and I...”
Cutting Mangle right off, Foxy responded to us instead of letting her finish her sentence:

“A-And she just knew Golden Freddy and Wolfie were a thing, Y-Yeah! Nothing else happenened, R-Really! We were just...hangin' out, yeah!”

Said Foxy while blushing as well. A little suspicious, his boyfriend asked:

“Mmmh...Are you sure nothing else has happened? Why is Mangle so red, then?”

“E-Ehm...I'm just so hot in here, yeah! Hehehe, after all, we're in the middle of the summer, it's no surprising at all! And I can't really stand warmth for so long...”
Answered Mangle, still very red and blushing.

“Mmmmh...What were you guys talking about when Freddy and I were alone?”
I asked while trying to ignore the fact that Mangle was shamelessly lying. I know her too well, so I know whenever she lies and tells the truth. The others don't, though. That's because they haven't been as close as I was with her. We share every single one of our secrets. I know she won't tell my secrets to anyone, and that I won't tell hers. I did find out why she was blushing that day, and it has something to do with one of her secrets. But that's another story for another time.

“Ehm...W-Well....N-Not much, hehe...”
Golden Freddy Answered to me, while blushing as well.

“We talked about the Physical Stuff, lad! Ya know? The “Interesting” parts, and the perks of being in a relationship is to get some sweet lovin' from the other one, heheh...”

Foxy expanded the answer that Golden Freddy gave, which gave us pretty much embarassement and awkardness when I heard he talked about the “physical stuff”. I didn't know much, but oh boy, was I embarassed when I found out what it was when Golden Freddy will tell me after this conversation...

“O-Oh...I-I don't know what that is yet, but...It sure seems...Interesting...”

I replied, while not knowing what to respond to that, since I had no clue what Foxy was talking about.

“Oh, trust me, it is, Lad! You will have “fun” discovering that with your boyfriend, hehe...”
Foxy replied, with an inch of maliciousness in his voice.

Laughing nervously, Freddy replied:

“Hehe, now now, Foxy. It's up to them to experience on their own, when they have privacy, so...Let's leave that subject aside, okay?”

Feeling a little bit awkard, Freddy cut the subject short, and it was all for the better.

“Oh, I almost Forgot! Congratulations to you both, I'm so glad you two got together! I wish you so much happiness in your life! Hehehe!”

Flashing a smile and laughing, Mangle told us how happy she was when she found out us both were a thing. Everybody seems so happy that we both found love in eachother, that's why I'm so glad to have friends like that to support me...I know they will always be here whenever I need to, proven by Freddy's tenderness towards me, and I will never be as thankful as I am now...

“Thank you very much, Mangle. Hehe, I really appreciate that all of you are so happy about it, it makes me so joyful!”
Said Golden Freddy in an usually upbeat tone. I see that this whole situation is starting to change him, for the better!

“Oh course we are! Love is one of the most beautiful things to enjoy in life. With Friendship, of course!”
Said Freddy with such happiness in his voice as well.

“Aaaw, man, that was cheesy! Freddy-Poo is always so mushy like that when things like this happen, geez...”
Replied the red Fox with pretty much nothing but sarcasm. We all laughed then after that.

“Don't mock me! Who was so eager to told these two about love, huh? You were! So stop pretending this does not affect you as well!

Freddy scolded Foxy with playfulness in his voice.

“Aaaw, what are ye gonna do, big bear? Punish me..? Hehehe, don't make me laugh!”

Foxy playfully replied whilst ingoring the fact Freddy just told him about. I did agree with him, he was the most happy when he found out about Golden Freddy and I, so...I can't blame Freddy for saying that.

While hearing all of that, Mangle giggles lightly and proposes us the following:

“Why don't we all gather around a Pizza to celebrate that? That'll be fun!”

“Yeah, Great idea, lass! Come on, let's go the the kitchen!”
Foxy replied with even more joy in his voice. I should clarify that Foxy LOVES to eat. He would do anything for a pizza, so i'm not surprised that he's that happy to get a pizza today.

And thus, we all went to the kitchen, and prepared ourselves a big, hot and steamy pizza to celebrate the fact that Golden Freddy and I are together. Seeing this Pizza was hot, I turned to Golden Freddy, blew on his slice and said:

“Be careful, Golden Freddy! I..I don't want you to burn your tongue, hehe...”

Blushing a little, the golden bear kissed me on the cheek, and replied:

“Aww...That is so sweet of you, thanks, honey.”

Blushing as well, I was surprised to see Golden Freddy act like that. Looks like his talk with Foxy paid off. I'm glad.

I turned to Freddy a little, and made sure that what I did was alright:

“So...How was I, Freddy..?”

Raising his thumbs up and winking, Freddy responded:

“You were perfect! Keep this up and you both will make perfect boyfriends, I can assure you!”

Very glad with this response, I blushed even more and began to eat my slice. From this night on, I started to know how to be a good boyfriend, and I'm sure Golden Freddy did as well.
The most important part has yet to come: learning how to fight Monsters of the Misfortune Lands with Golden Freddy at my side. This time, Golden Freddy will do the teachings to me. I sure hope I will become a strong hopeful Warrior, to protect him...Because I don't want to lose him...Ever...Like I said...If you want to keep someone or something around, you DO something about it...
FNAF: The Misfortune Saga. Chapter Two
Okay guys, here it is, finally....CHAPTER FREAKING TWO.
I'm sorry it took so long, but events happened and i wasn't in the best mood to do it, but here it is...I hope you enjoy reading it ^^; 
i sure hope nothing will happen when I will write Chapter 3...
Trying a new style for the FNAF 1 males + Springy
So...I wanted to try out a new style for the FNAF characters, and i began with the FNAF 1 Males with Springtrap (Minus Bonnie because I didn't had enough space), I wanted to make a new official style to draw FNAF characters. Next will be some of the Females, because i won't have enough space either ;w; (Also...I'm hesitating to make this an official AU or not. I'll think about it)
Tagged by :iconfnafdoodle:

1. OC Name: Vio the Maned Wolf (Banjo-Kazooie)

2. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your OC.

3. Tag people to do this meme!

1.What is your name?

The name's Vio! Howdy!

2.Do you know why you were named that?

Uh...I guess i was named like that because i play the Violin and my Bf's name is also an Instrument?

3. Are you single or taken?
I'm taken, actually. By a Huge perv...

4. Any abilities or Powers?

I have this....very powerful umbrella, that can basically do lotsa stuff (make me fly, shoot things, ect...), and i can glide with it, even when it's made out of metal, funnily enough.

5. What is your eye color?

6. How about your hair color?

Orange, like teh rest of my fur.

7. Have you got any family members?
Well, not that i know of....

8. Oh? How about pets?
Uuuuh...Nope, but i want what King Jingaling has as a pet, it's so cute!
9. That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like?

I HATE that witch, Gruntilda. But everybody hates her, so it's too mainstream nowadays.

10. Do you have any activities/hobbies you like to do?

I don't have time for activites and hobbies because of my Jiggy hunts with Banjo and Kazooie, but i like playing my Violin, at times.

11.Have you hurt anyone in anyway before?

Besides Kicking Grunty's booty, I don't think so.

12. Ever... Killed someone?

No way!

13. What kind of animal are you ?

I am a Maned Wolf!

14. Name your worst habits?

I'm way too easily flustered, cowardly at times, and I'm VERY jealous.

15. Do you look up to anyone at all?

My boyfriend, Banjo and Kazooie, my best friend.

17. Do you go to school ? 

I Don't have time for this, ya know? Jiggy Collecting?

19. Do you have any fangirls / fanboys?

I really don't know, hehe....

20. What are you most afraid of?

Losing Banjo, and Ghosts. And monsters.

21. What do you usually wear?

My Violet Overalls! They are a Family heirloom!

22. What's one food that tempts you ?
Candy Canes! I love these! (Banjo: Especially Mine! *winks* Vio: S-SHUT UP! >///<)
23. Am I annoying you?

Nah, not really.

24. Well, it's not over yet!


25. What class are you? Low class, Middle class, or High class?

Uuuuh...Class? As in....?

26. How many friends do you have?

I just don't have a clue, i forgot how many people me and Banjo helped in our adventures ^^;

27. Any thoughts on pie?
I think it's good!

28. Favorite drink?

Iced tea! 

29. What's your favorite place?

Mmmmh....Cloud Cuckooland, because reasons. (Banjo: To tell you, we had so much "fun" in there, that's why he liked it very much. *winks* Vio: Q-QUIET! I-IT'S PRIVATE!)

30. Are you interested in anyone?

Like i said, I'm taken, so no.

32. Would you rather swim in an ocean or a lake? 

Mmmh...Both are good in my book.

33. What's your type?

I would rather not tell... (Banjo: Hehehe, he's a very naughty boy, that's why! Vio: BANJO!!! >///<)

36. Camping or indoors?
Indoors, i'm a very lazy person XD

37. Are you still waiting for this quiz to end?

You know enough now, so leave me alone now! >///<

38. Tag 5 (or 6) other people:
:icontigardf: :iconcrimsonlotus13: :iconfunmonkey64: :iconfangthekillerwolfy: :iconprismota:


KaraokeWolfieFNAF's Profile Picture
Freddy is my bae.DON'T TOUCH HIM
Hoivs!!11 I'm just a little wolf feeling a little lost in this crazy world. I'm super sensitive and very shy, but i'm friendly and i LOVE being pet! <3 I can be feminine sometimes, but hey, every boy has a part of feminity inside them :3 These times, i'm super obsessed with FNAF(FNAF is my life, lol) and i love roleplaying. But i have other interests, not just FNAF. What more can i say about me? I never swear, i'm polite and sometimes oversensitive and very touchy. Oh and, Cyanaki, if we meet someday, can we be Friends, please?:3 I love your art and i think you're awesome X3. Okay, bOi!!!11 It's random and pointless, but i have a HUGE crush on Freddy Fazbear. If you touch him, i will freaking kill you! (jk, but don't touch him, he's mine)

Chalut!!11! Je suis juste un petit loup qui se sent un peu paumé dans ce monde de fous. Je suis super sensible et très timide, mais je suis très amical et J'ADORE qu'on me caresse! <3 Je peut me montrer un peu féminin, mais tous les garçons ont une part de féminité a l’intérieur :3 Ces derniers temps, je suis super obsédé par FNAF(FNAF c'est ma vie, lol) et j'aime beaucoup le Roleplay. Mais j'ai d'autres centres d’intérêts, pas juste FNAF. Que puis-je dire d'autre sur moi? Je ne dis jamais de gros mots, je suis poli et je suis parfois trop sensible et susceptible. Oh, et Cyanaki, si jamais on se rencontre, je peux être ton ami, S'il te plaît? :3 J'adore tes dessins et je te trouve géniale! X3 Okay, Buh-Bye! Ca sert a rien de le dire, mais j'ai un énorme coup de foudre sur Freddy Fazbear. si vous le touchez, vous aurez affaire à moi (nan j'rigole mais ne le touchez pas il est à moi)
FNAF stamp by pastel--colors I Love Random Talk Stamp by hahaha-huhuhu Optimist Stamp by Melody-Chaos I am, thanks for noticing by Waffle-Wizard Emotional Boys stamp by nothinplz Music helps me create OCs... by Riona-la-crevette Wishful Thinking by whispwill Hyper Critical by whispwill Always tired... by prosaix Awkward by Fyi-Sus Love2Laugh Stamp by Fyi-Sus Rain Stamp by LaraLeeL Temmie Stamp By Rabbit Cipher by phantombl00d Freddy Love stamp by LostAtSeaOFF [Game Stamp] The Whole Crew by FakeTsuki Flowey Stamp By Rabbit Cipher by phantombl00d Fiora . Xenoblade Stamp by DawnRedd Ojamajo Doremi Stamp by DianaCC
What? I freaking love Stamps!
Quoi? J'adore les Timbres!
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